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Archaeological Museum of Thebes

Address: 1 Threpsiadi St, Thiva 32200
Working days-hours: closed due to restoration
General Admission: 2€
Tel: +302262027913
Website: http://odysseus.culture.gr/h/1/eh151.jsp?obj_id=3372
Located in: Archaeological
Helmut Koenen wrote at 2016-01-06 13:17:15
Archaeological Museum of Thebes still close (0.25)
"Hello, I'm interest on the Archaeological Museum of Thebes. The last two years I get the information that the Museum in Thebes will open End of the year. But every year is move to the next year? If I looking also on the webpage only one picture exist. Thebes is a Town with a long historical Story, but what I see in Thebes is like nothing. No information about history places. Place that exist, with out information panels. Last summer I meet a student group from America, near St. Lucas. But I read nothing what the found. Near the old castle a group from the museum found a relief, but nothing in the News, I writing a article for the "Griechenland Zeitung" about this. The history of the small Church St. Lucas with information about the first grave from the Evangelist Lucas. Thebes has so man things, but do nearly nothing to public, to activate tourism. I want to be help to bring up pictures to the webpage from the Archaeological Museum of Thebes, and I will do it for free of charge!"
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